The company offers the following service forms:

* Repairing and sharpening of knives
* Engraving of knives (e.g. presents)
* Course knives (army)
* Custom knives (made according to customers wishes)
* materials for handle: rocka skin, mammoth ivory, horn of antelopes
* various kinds of tree for handle: pear, Pink Ivory, ebony, tulip tree, Tiger Teak, cherry, Bodo
* materials for blades: different damascus steels
* custom blades (various shapes)
* engravings and inlays in silver, gold, platinum and jewels etc.
* Knife sharpeners for sale: Gatco 3 set, 4 set, 5 set. Accusharp, Spyderco, Lap stone, Henkel Zwillings

Tutustu Finnenterprisen tilausehtoisiin